How to use ALT codes to add some jazz to your updates

While many people know about ALT codes — especially more technically astute people — you may not be aware of them if you’re a casual Internet user.

ALT codes are simply a series of key strokes that you input in order to get a symbol like this: ♥ … ♣ … or this ♪. These symbols do not normally appear on your keyboard but can add some panache to your social media updates if you use them correctly and within reason.

To use an ALT code, simply hold down the ALT key on your keyboard (every keyboard has an ALT key… mine is to the left of my space bar) and type in the corresponding numbers. So, for a heart (♥) symbol, hold down the ALT key (remember to hold it down) and simply type 3. Release the ALT key and the heart will appear.

For a full list of ALT codes, simply search for the term “ALT codes” in your favourite search engine or click here for a categorized list or click here for a complete list in numerical order.

I say: Using ALT code symbols from time to time can certainly get your updates read more. They can also save valuable space on Twitter (i.e. “I love ♫” versus “I love music”). Also, if you’re writing in a language other than English (i.e. French), it’s a good way to impress your readers by ensuring that the proper accents are used on words. Remember, if a special symbol or accent isn’t on your keyboard, look it up in ALT codes! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to insert special characters in your updates and other documents.

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