Plan a tweetup for your Twitter friends

Want to get together with other local Twitter folks? If so, consider holding a tweetup… a gathering of local people who connect regularly on Twitter. Remember the mantra of social media: “social” is part of it, too! While connecting online can be fun, connecting in person is just as important, if not more.

There was recently a tweetup for local “tweeps” (Twitter users) where I live, however I was unable to attend. I’m sure a fun time was had by all and huge kudos to those who took the initiative to organize it! Hopefully more of these events will occur over the coming months and years. If there isn’t one near you, organize one! It can be a lot of fun and a great way to grow your personal network.

Want to know more ? Type “how to organize a tweetup” in a search engine and the results should provide you with tons of ideas. Or… click here for a great article on organizing a tweetup.

This could be especially powerful for like-minded business people who want to talk about strategy, cause-driven individuals (animal rights, technology enthusiasts, etc.) and hobbyists. I often see a group of women who knit and crochet together at a local coffee shop. If, for example, they met on

There’s nothing saying that local craftspeople – perhaps scrappers (people involved in scrapbooking) – can’t do the same. Find local tweeps and create an affinity group online and then migrate that to “real life” in-person meetings.

I say: Organize or attend a tweetup in your area and increase the value of your online relationships by meeting in person.

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