Tweapsave: New online coupon service can increase your customer base

With each new social media network and handheld application that’s invented, new business opportunities arise. If you love coupons for free stuff and discounts – and who doesn’t – and you have a computer or an iPhone, then Tweapsave could be for you! If you’re looking to increase your customer base, then using tech-savvy people into your establishment by offering exclusive online savings may give you an edge on the competition!

Tweapsave is a service that provides opportunities for retailers, restaurants and other service providers who use coupons to attract new customers and build customer loyalty using the power of social media. Companies pay for the privilege of providing the coupons (they would pay for printing or distribution through the mail anyway) and this gives them access to an unlimited number of customers for a set period of time. The number of coupons companies can make available (and for how long) depends on the package deal subscribed to.

This is the perfect coupon service for those who’d rather save trees. You don’t have to print the coupon to show the retailer, you just show them the coupon on the screen of your iPhone. Of course, terms and conditions apply in order to prevent abuse. Company founder Lana Hansen tells me that bar codes could eventually be incorporated into the coupons for easy scanning and tracking by retailers.

These aren’t your mother’s coupons! Gone are the days of getting out the scissors and clipping magazines, newspapers and flyers. However, if you want to print the coupon, too, that option exists. Sign up as a user at Tweapsave, search for coupons, place them in your cart and you’re done. You can use the coupons as you see fit. There’s also a very cool Tweapsave iPhone application, as well.

Travelling on a budget or looking for special deals in the place you’re visiting? Search for Tweapsave coupons in the city you’re in and save some cash for other things… like staying an extra night in a hotel… and then search for a coupon for the hotel night itself. Or save money on a meal in a nice restaurant or at your favourite pizza place.

The great thing about these coupons is that they can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. How cool is that? It’s a great way to build a customer base and following.

Lana’s technical partner on the new venture is local Moncton company Trimedia Atlantic. If your company is looking for a cost-efficient and modern way of sharing coupons through social media, then check out Tweapsave. If you’re a consumer looking to save a few pennies without having to kill a million trees using printed coupons, then register at Tweapsave. It’s free!

I say: Don’t be afraid of using online coupon services such as Tweapsave! They could save you a lot of money if you’re a consumer or get you a lot of new customers if you run a business!

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