New Brunswick RCMP using Facebook for AMBER Alerts

New Brunswick RCMP (“J” Division) recognize the power of Facebook. In fact, “J” Division is now publishing AMBER Alerts for children missing or in danger on Facebook in order to reach a large number of people instantly through their newsfeeds. This will also allow word to spread much faster as Facebook users share the information with their online friends.

“In order to retrieve a child from a dangerous situation, it’s important to reach as many people as we can, as quickly and effectively as possible,” New Brunswick AMBER Alert co-ordinator Cpl. Todd Chadwick of the Miramichi Police Force said in a news release. “While local media continue to be valuable and essential partners in communicating AMBER Alerts, we believe social media can further enhance our ability to reach out to the public and potentially save a child from harm.”

Although an AMBER Alert has not been activated in New Brunswick since 2003, this will certainly increase the chances of a positive outcome if and when it happens.

To sign up for “AMBER Alert New Brunswick” alerts, click here. You’ll then see any alerts in your newsfeed.

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