The best camera for rapid video blogging

If you’re a vlogger, picking out the best camera can be — well — a painful experience. I know that I’ve gone through a few and have spent $$$ trying to find the best one. Check out this great product review by video blogging expert Gideon Shalwick to help you decide which camera to choose. Watch his latest video review: Flip UltraHD vs Kodak Zi8. Great stuff!

One Response to The best camera for rapid video blogging

  1. LOVE my Flip UltraHD. I’ve been using it for a while now and it works extremely well. Easy to use, GREAT video quality and the price is right too! I would like to see larger storage in the future though because sometimes 2 hours is just not enough (recent trip to Paris and I ran out at the Versaille Palace – LOTS to see there).

    Other than that – LOVE MY FLIP!