“Surprise Party” video makes Craigery Morgan famous

The latest viral video on YouTube was uploaded a mere 19 days ago and already has nearly 4.5 million hits, if you can believe it!

“Surprise Party” was created by Craigery Morgan (www.craigerymorgan.com), a 20-year-old aspiring comedic actor currently attending college in Orlando, Florida. Craigery’s dream is to be a cast member of Saturday Night Live (SNL). The video was originally posted to his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/crgmorgan.

He idolizes longtime cast member Kristen Wiig and posted a video of himself mimicking her performance as the character Sue, the woman who loves surprise parties. The recurring character appears occasionally every season in skits where a surprise party is about to take place. Sue becomes absolutely beside herself with quasi-erotic glee in anticipation of the event.

Craigery mimicks the April 5, 2008, Sue sketch aired the SNL episode hosted by actor Christopher Walken. Craigery posted it to his personal YouTube channel just to share with friends, but when one of them posted it to her Facebook page, it took off like wildfire and went viral. With more than four million hits in less than three weeks, the video has given Craigery more exposure than he could have ever hoped for, including a Facebook page with more than 40,000 followers.

The video was recorded as a lark in his home. He just posted it to YouTube for friends, but the next thing he knew he was practically world famous in just a few days. That is the power of YouTube. Singer Susan Boyle had a similar experience with her Britain’s Got Talent video that went viral last year.

We’ll see if Craigery can parlay this initial viral video into a sustained career. So far, all things are pointing in the right direction!

2 Responses to “Surprise Party” video makes Craigery Morgan famous

  1. Feeling out of the loop as I don’t have the same sense of humour as 40 000+ others do. I never really got SNL and wondered if this video had such a viewership solely because of the title. Guess it’s something more if people are “liking” Craigery Morgan’s Facebook page.

    All the best to him as laughing is something that people should do more and if he’s contributing to that I say kudo’s to him.