Is the telephone directory going the way of the dodo bird?

Thanks to Internet searches, a domino effect is starting to take place across North America. It appears that telephone companies are starting to realize that printing expensive directories is no longer a necessity.

Once used on a daily basis by practically everyone, telephone directory usage has plummeted in recent years with users flocking to the Internet to find their numbers. This month, Verizon got approval from New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania to stop publishing the residential white pages, with Virginia appearing to not be far behind.

The reasons for all this? The number of landlines is dropping yearly in favour of cell phones, which are not listed in the white pages.

As well, cell phones and residential sets can now store a large number of frequently called numbers, making the telephone directory even more obsolete. And, of course, the Internet is used to find the odd number that you don’t already have on hand in your contacts list.

You’ve likely noticed the white pages being relegated to “has-been” status locally, as well. Some telephone companies are relegating the white pages to the back of the telephone directory and giving prominence to the Yellow Pages by placing them up front.

Looks like it’s only a matter of time!

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