Idol Chatter column returns to Moncton Times & Transcript and Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Brian Cormier - Idol ChatterWith American Idol’s live voting shows starting up again this week, today marks the return of Idol Chatter to the Moncton Times & Transcript and Fredericton Daily Gleaner. Columns will run in the newspapers on Thursdays and Fridays.

This week, however, is a bit of an exception with four columns running consecutively from Tuesday (today) to Friday. The first is today’s roundup of what’s happened since last season — new judges, slightly different format — an overview of some early favourites and my thoughts on what the show needs to give it some extra oomph in its 10th year!

Links to the columns are below.

Times & Transcript: American Idol returns with streamlined format

Daily Gleaner: Idol Chatter returns

I’m looking forward to the next few months of writing about American Idol. Agree or disagree with my analysis and predictions? Feel free to post a comment. Comments are moderated, so they may not appear immediately.

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