Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s March 17, 2011, episode — Top 12 results show

Brian Cormier - Idol ChatterLast night, the Top 12 found out who was safe… and who was going home. One unlucky contestant was shown the door and was not saved by the judges — although it wasn’t unanimous and the contestant did have support from at least one judge. I got the bottom three right: Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez and Naima Adedapo… and chose Haley to go home. While I managed to get the bottom three right, though, was Haley the contestant sent home?

Click one of the links below to find out:

Moncton Times & Transcript: Click here.

Fredericton Daily Gleaner: Not available online.

Watch the Top 11 perform next Wednesday at 9 p.m. Atlantic / 8 p.m. Eastern on Fox. The contestant eliminated next week will just miss out on being part of the Top 10 summer tour.

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