Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s March 31, 2011, episode — Second Top 11 results show

Brian Cormier - Idol ChatterThis week on American Idol, two contestants were eliminated because of last week’s “Judges’ Save” that kept Casey Abrams from being sent home much earlier than anyone thought he would be. This week, the Top 11 contestants sang the songs of music legend Sir Elton John. (The producers originally picked a generic 80s theme but changed it afterwards.)

I picked Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia to go home this week. Naima’s horrible reggae rendition of I’m Still Standing will likely go down in Idol history as a disaster. Thia’s bland performance of Daniel also put her in danger, I believed.

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Also, here is the text of my review of the second Top 11 performance show that aired Wednesday, March 30. The column was printed in the newspapers but never made it to the online editions. For the record, here’s my review of this week’s performances:

Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s March 30, 2011, episode — Second Top 11 performance show

After last week’s shocking near elimination of fan-favourite Casey Abrams, two contestants are on the chopping block this week. Tonight, we’ll be down to nine singers after 11 performed songs from the repertoire of one of the world’s great music legends, Sir Elton John. Host Ryan Seacrest was joined by the usual trio of judges: Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Scotty McCreery (17, Garner NC) – Country Comfort: This is Sir Elton’s only country song, so obviously Scotty chose it. His fan base would love this and he did a great job. Loved the bass note at the end. Killed it! Steven: Loves everything about his voice! Jennifer: Amazing instincts. Randy: He’s so in the zone!

Naima Adedapo (26, Milwaukee WI) – I’m Still Standing: I love Naima, but this reggae version of one of Sir Elton’s iconic tunes was a mistake. She even used the Jamaican accent. This will go down as a horrible moment in American Idol history. Just awful! Steven: The song fit her. Jennifer: The song wasn’t suited to reggae. Randy: Corny.

Paul McDonald (26, Nashville TN) – Rocket Man. Beautiful song! I love Paul, but I didn’t this song suited him. It was choppy and disconnected, but I liked the way he whispered the final word. Steven: This was the one song on Paul’s album that wouldn’t work. Jennifer: He could push a bit more. Randy: Felt he was holding back.

Pia Toscano (22, Howard Beach NY) – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me: Another power ballad. I’m getting bored with Pia, but she sings so well that you can’t deny her immense talent. At some point, she’ll have to bring some excitement, though. Steven: She nailed it! Jennifer: Goose bumps! Randy: Unbelievable!

Stefano Langone (22, Kent WA) – Tiny Dancer. Not a fan of this song. Can’t imagine what he was thinking, but I really liked this version after all. This was really great. Pleasantly surprised! The kid’s got charm to spare. Steven: He has a very sweet voice. Jennifer: Felt like he moved the crowd. Randy: Liked that he kept his eyes open for once!

Lauren Alaina (16, Rossville GA) – Candle in the Wind: Lauren has a beautiful and powerful voice. There was country lilt to this performance that suited her very well. I loved this! This was crazy good. Steven: It was perfect. Jennifer: Amazing and gorgeous! Randy: One of her best performances.

James Durbin (22, Santa Cruz CA) – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting: James is always so much fun to watch. His joy is infectious. He truly loves singing and because of that, we love him, too! Perfect choice for him. Steven: A good thing! Jennifer: A performance of a great song by a great artist. Randy: A great performance!

Thia Megia (16, Mountain House CA) – Daniel. I don’t think a female should be singing this song. It’s more poignant for a man to sing it. I didn’t think this connected at all. Her voice was good, but I didn’t feel it. Steven: Sang a great Elton John song well. Jennifer: A beautiful moment for her. Randy: Too safe.

Casey Abrams (20, Idyllwild CA) – Your Song: A beautiful song. He needed to prove himself after a near-death experience last week. The new Casey was subdued and looked great with a trimmed beard and haircut. What a nice and humble performance. Hallelujah! He’s back! Steven: A true artist. Jennifer: It was very Casey! Randy: Brilliant and tender.

Jacob Lusk (23, Compton CA) – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word: All of Jacob’s performances are starting to sound alike to me. Big emotional ballads with lots of drama. A bit overdone. Steven: Jacob slays him. Jennifer: Great last note. Randy: Needs to pick one spot in every song where he gives it his all.

Haley Reinhart (20, Wheeling IL) – Benny and the Jets: I didn’t like this at first, but she proved she has a seriously awesome singing voice here. Very Janis Joplin! She should be safe this week. Steven: She sings sexy! Jennifer: That was it!! Randy: Best performance of the night!

I’ll pick Naima for her disastrous reggae performance and Thia for her bland version of Daniel to be the ones on their way home to wait out the rest of the season before the Top 11 go on tour this summer. Tune in to Fox tonight at 9 p.m. for the results.

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