Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s May 4, 2011, episode — Top 5 performance show

LBrian Cormier - Idol Chatterast night, the Top 5 remaining contestants on American Idol performed two songs each — one recent and one from the past. It’s a lucky thing that some had two chances because the judges (and sometimes me) were not too pleased with a few of the performances.

As with many seasons of the show, sometimes what we hear through the television at home can sound quite different from what they hear in the studio. The explains some of the very positive comments when the contestant sounded horrible for those of us at home. That was the case last night with a few songs that I thought were just awful — but that the judges lauded.

Regardless, there were three outstanding performances last night. I posted videos to my other blog here.

To read my full review and who I’m choosing to go home tonight, click one of the links below:

Moncton Times & Transcript: Click here

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To find out who goes home, tune in to Fox tonight at 9 p.m. Atlantic / 8 p.m. Eastern. There are only three weeks left!


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