Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s May 24, 2011, episode — Top 2 performance show

Brian Cormier - Idol ChatterThis is it, folks! Last night was the final performance show of the 2011 season and we’re down to 16-year-old Lauren Alaina and 17-year-old Scotty McCreery! Both sang their hearts out last night in front of a packed auditorium and millions of fans at home. Each sang three songs — one of their own choosing, one chosen by their own idol and one that will be their first single should they win tonight!

Each did a fine job and Lauren, especially, made an impact with her last song. Why Scotty chose to sing first and allow her to sing last, I’ll never now! Bad strategic move on his part. Lauren was also suffering from a blown-out vocal cord, but she managed to do very well.

To find out who I think will win, what the judges had to say and what Scotty and Lauren sang, click one of the links below.

– Moncton Times & Transcript: Click here

– Fredericton Daily Gleaner: Click here

Tune in to Fox tonight for the two-hour star-studded finale beginning at 9 p.m. Atlantic / 8 p.m. Eastern.

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