Featured YouTube channel #11: Crosby’s Molasses Co. Ltd.

Established in 1879 in Yarmouth, N.S., Crosby’s Molasses Co. Ltd. relocated to Saint John, N.B., in 1897 and has been a successful New Brunswick-based business ever since, supplying generations of Canadians with — you guessed it — delicious molasses! In addition to a really nice website that’s chock full of recipes, Crosby’s recently delved into the world of social media by producing a very clever and refreshingly risqué YouTube video that’s funny, informative and very entertaining. Featuring the company’s oh-so-sweet-and-innocent (or is she?) Grandma Fancy character, their Grandma Fancy’s Sticky Buns recipe video is a professionally made treat to watch! This is a great thing to see from a local company — especially one that’s more than 130 years old!

I even know people who felt inspired to make the recipe after watching the video… and I’m happy to report that they thought Grandma Fancy’s Sticky Buns were delicious… just like Grandpa Fancy does!

The video was produced by M5, a marketing and communications company with offices in Moncton, St. John’s and Halifax.

It’s really great to see a New Brunswick company use humour in their YouTube campaign!

A few words of advice to Crosby’s: the YouTube channel isn’t branded (at least at the time this post was written) and the video looks like it has no keywords attached to it. It was nearly impossible to find in the YouTube search when using a variety of keywords other than the very specific “Grandma Fancy”. Even “Crosby’s Molasses” didn’t bring it up, which tells me that there are no keywords attached to the video. As well, the YouTube video has no description. At more than 1,500 views so far, that’s 1,500 missed opportunities to tell us more about Crosby’s. Just a friendly suggestion that the company’s YouTube channel could use some branding, care and nurturing. By doing that, Crosby’s will increase the effectiveness of the video’s marketing results rather than just using YouTube to host the video for embedding on the corporate website.

YouTube is the world’s third most popular website after Facebook and Google, according to Alexa. It’s more than just a host for videos! Embrace its power and use YouTube to drive more people to the company’s website!

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