2011 CBC Radio Moncton / Radio-Canada Acadie Tree of Hope / L’Arbre de l’espoir Telethon

Most years, I try to attend CBC Radio Moncton and Radio-Canada Acadie’s Tree of Hope / L’Arbre de l’espoir Telethon held at CCNB-Dieppe. This year’s English-language telethon led by CBC Radio was held Thursday, Nov. 24, while the French telethon led by Radio-Canada was held Friday, Nov. 25. This year, the two-day fundraising effort collected more than $1.6 million for oncology services at the Dr. Georges-L. Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton.

Here are some photos and videos I took at this year’s English-language telethon.

A short clip of the telethon and announcing a new tally:

CBC Radio’s Weekend Mornings host Stan Carew performs and afterwards discusses living with chronic leukemia with telethon co-host Jonna Brewer:

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