Social Media Matters: Not everything on Facebook is true

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, March 30, 2012
Metro section

Not everything on Facebook is true

A recent warning on the Facecrooks page warned Facebook users not to fall for a scam that purports to let you know how many people have “stalked” your page in the past day.

Despite my attempts at letting people know (even by posting directly to their profiles when they fall for this) that this is a scam, many people still think that there’s an application out there that will give you statistics on who’s looked at your profile in the last 24 hours. If you have 53 friends on Facebook and have your privacy settings turned sky high so that no one can find you even if they wanted to, then it’s highly unlikely that 291 people checked out your profile. Right?

Right! Be smart.

According to Facecrooks’ posting printed verbatim here: “There are several different Profile Viewer / Stalker scams active on Facebook at the moment. A very popular one is shown below. Any application you encounter like this is sure to be a scam – ALWAYS! Facebook doesn’t allow developers access to the necessary data to create these apps. Please like and share the alert to remind your friends of this fact.” The specific scam referred to in the warning is ‘Wow I cant Believe I Got My PROFILE & PHOTOS Stalkers’. (Spelling error and inconsistent use of capitalization left in for authenticity.) There are a number of other variations – all of them fake.

Debit card skimming news spread on social media

Debit cardLast Sunday, it seemed like the issue of debit card skimming in Moncton spread like wildfire all over social media, especially on Facebook, but also on Twitter.

On the Newschaser group and elsewhere, people were posting stories of having their bank accounts emptied of cash by swindlers who’d compromised their cards after altering machines in and around Moncton.

On Sunday, especially, many people wrote that they’d received a call from their bank or credit union that day telling them that their account had been compromised and to change their password immediately.

I never knew the issue was so rampant! Once you mention it online, there are many others who’ll chime in with their own horror stories. It’s more common than we think and there certainly seems to have been a rash of incidents lately!

If you are paying at an establishment that does not yet use chip technology, you may want to consider using cash or going elsewhere. Machines that use chip technology seem to be safer, so far. It’s only a matter of time that establishments not using the safer technology start to see their bottom lines affected by consumers wary of using unsecure terminals.

This is scary stuff, folks! It’s incumbent upon everyone to be as safe as possible – and it seems like the time may be coming when people will be afraid (and perhaps even refuse) to do pay with credit or debit unless a chip-enabled terminal is available. People don’t carry around a lot of cash anymore. To not be as secure as possible is to turn away business. That message is spreading fast and furious online. Don’t think it isn’t.

This week’s featured YouTube channels

Each week, I suggest three YouTube channels for you to check out. Statistics are current to March 27. Have a favourite channel? Let me know about it and I may feature it here!

1) harrier1934 (4 subscribers): After putting out a call to my Twitter followers for some YouTube channel suggestions for this column, I received a response from Stéphanie (@Littlebouncer) telling me about a channel that hosts videos made with her uncle, Marcel Lavoie of Campbellton, about constructing model airplanes. The channel has only been active since January, so there are only three videos uploaded so far, all of which pertain to Marcel’s method of building stick fuselages for model airplanes. If you’re a model airplane enthusiast, check them out! It’s always great seeing original how-to videos being produced here in New Brunswick. (Most popular video: The Lavoie Method of Building Stick Fuselages (Part 1) – 272 views.)

2) Britain’s Got Talent (301,205 subscribers): I’m pretty sure that I’ve already featured this channel before, but it begs repeating now that the 2012 season has begun. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen several links being shared among friends and followers. This is the show on which Susan Boyle was discovered, if you recall. In that same vein, check out the video by opera singing duo Charlotte and Jonathan. Jonathan’s voice is certainly an unexpected treat. Other 2012 auditions to check out include Sam Kelly and Only Boys Aloud. My one big criticism is that the channel doesn’t allow embedding, so watching videos directly on Facebook or posting the videos to blogs is impossible. Only links can be shared. (Most popular video: Natalie Okri – Britain’s Got Talent – Show 6 – 49,366,237 views.)

3) How It Should Have (673,811 subscribers): Have you ever watched a movie and thought the ending should have been different? If so, this YouTube channel may give you some relief by hosting animated videos of alternate endings to dozens of movies, including Pulp Fiction, Twilight, Harry Potter, Toy Story 3, Thor, Jaws and Top Gun. (Most popular video: How It Should Have Ended: How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended – 17,159,611 views.)

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