Social Media Matters: Bullied Regina girl gets Twitter support

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, Sept. 7, 2012
Metro section

Bullied Regina girl gets Twitter support

An eight-year-old Regina girl who says she’s been bullied at school because of her looks is getting a lot of support via Twitter through the hashtag #ShaeL.

CBC ran a report on Sept. 3 telling the story of Shae Loosemore who admits to having suicidal thoughts at the young age of only eight because of incessant teasing by classmates. She says her self-esteem has been deeply affected.

“They call me fat, ugly, stupid and a lot of others that I can’t explain because it will make me cry,” Loosemore was quoted as saying in the report. “I really feel like I want to kill myself. Sometimes when my daddy is barbecuing I grab my skipping rope and I tie a knot – I keep on saying ‘no’ because I don’t want to die, but I’m just scared to go back to school.” Twitter user Lise Merle (@LiseMerle), also of Saskatchewan, heard the story and decided to drum up some support for young Shae through the social media network.

On Sept. 3, she tweeted: ‘Guys: please send your messages of support to bullied #YQR 3rd grader Shae by using #ShaeL – let’s show her the world is full of kindness.’ Since then, Twitter users have shown their support in droves for Shae using the #ShaeL hashtag.

Here’s a sample of a few: 1) Cheryl Lake (@lakefront54) – ‘#ShaeL you keep your head up girl…cause the bullies end up being the losers later on in life, but you will shine!!! You are beautiful!!!’; 2) Alexandra Stang (@AlexandraStang) – ‘Few things are more difficult than standing up for yourself. You’re one brave young lady #ShaeL. Stay strong. Don’t let the bullies win.’ Twitter users are also calling on Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber to help out a fellow Canuck. Scott A.

Schultz (@scottschultz96) was one of many to ask Bieber for assistance in showing support for Shae: ‘@justinbieber can you do something life changing for a 8yr old girl being bullied in ur #homeland. #ShaeL #BEAHERO.’

Beware of more Facebook scams

Another day, another Facebook scam. There’s no need to fear Facebook because of these. Just assume ‘too good to be true’ items are scams and you should be OK.

Also, if you see a post that allows you to bypass a certain function or feature on Facebook, it’s likely a scam, too.

Case in point, don’t click on a link that allows you to add a ‘dislike’ button to Facebook. There is no dislike button. Period. Until Facebook announces one – and they have so far ran the other way whenever the subject comes up – then assume everything else is just a way to access your information. An old hoax letting people think they can get a dislike button by following a link is making the rounds again. Ignore it.

Another scam that’s prevalent lately – likely because of the rollout of the timeline feature to all Facebook users – is a link that suggests users can bypass the timeline. If you don’t have the new timeline yet, you eventually will. (Personally, I like it.) And if you hate the new timeline feature, don’t bother clicking on any links promising to remove the timeline. They’re hoaxes, pure and simple.

The $250 Costco gift card scam is back, too! Again, move along and ignore. Don’t spread it to others ‘just in case’ it’s true. It’s not – and never will be. And if you see a link promising to change Facebook’s primary colour from blue to anything else (the latest supposed ‘offer’ is pink), it’s just not true. Facebook’s main theme is blue and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Want to learn more about the latest Facebook scams? Check out

This week’s featured YouTube channels

Every week, I feature three YouTube channels for you to check out. With the fall foliage season just around the corner, this week’s channel suggestions have to do with photography. Statis­tics are current to Sept. 5.

1) Photography Tips & Techniques (72,551 subscribers): This is photographer Karl Taylor’s official YouTube channel. According to the channel description, “Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world’s leading companies.” Also check him out online, on Facebook or Twitter. (Most popular video: Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor – 957,964 views.)

2) FREE Photography Tutorials (31,408 subscribers): According to this channel’s Facebook page, their mission “is to spread the knowledge of photography to everyone around the world for FREE! If you want to be a professional photographer, I want to make sure I teach you everything I know so you can achieve your goal faster.” Check them out at (Most popular video: Photography Tutorial – FIRST Lesson! What is Aperture? Basic DSLR – 522,112 views.)

3) Photo Extremist (49,650 subscribers): PhotoExtremist is run by Evan Sharboneau and provides “creative photography and Photoshop how-to instructional tutorials” according to its channel description. You can also check out the website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. (Most popular video: High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes – 1,246,536 views.)

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