Social Media Matters: Remembrance Day resources are online

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, Nov. 9, 2012
Metro section

Remembrance Day resources are online

Looking for Remembrance Day-related resources online? In Canada, the two primary websites in the lead up to Nov. 11 are the Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Affairs Canada. Also, be sure to check out the True Patriot Love Foundation, an organization that supports members of the Canadian military and their families.

British resources include the Royal British Legion and the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency, while American resources include The American Legion and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

New Brunswick-made iPhone apps

Noel Chenier
Noel Chenier

Yes, there are people right here in New Brunswick who are developing smartphone applications (“apps”) that are made available to users around the world.

Saint John-based Telegraph-Journal photographer and instructor Noel Chenier is the latest New Brunswicker to throw his hat in the ring with a trio of photography-related apps for digital cameras and the iPhone and iPod Touch. Noel has created three apps that teach users how to take better photos.

According to his Facebook page, the first version is called Photography Assignment Generator and is for those with SLR advanced point-and-shoot cameras. For shooting with iPhones or iPod Touches, he’s created iPhotography Assignment Generator. There’s also a free version called Photography Assignment Generator Free.

The paid versions of the apps are only $2.99 and are available through the iTune store. The easiest way to find them, however is to link directly through to the apps via Noel’s website.

According to Noel’s website, the apps offer “over 100 individual assignments and thousands of potential random ones! Everything from camera settings, rules of composition, creative shooting techniques, photographing people, landscape and nature, and more subjects! Random objects and places, combined with techniques, environments, offer you hundreds of thousands of possibilities! The scavenger hunt assignment gives you lists of terms to find with your camera… with millions of possible combinations! You can choose from the list, or have the app give you one at random!”

Christmas music online

Holidays Radio on AccuRadioIf you’re ready to get into the holiday mood right now and can’t wait until December, be sure to check out AccuRadio, a phenomenal (and free!) online radio service that has music for every taste, including a really good holiday music selection that is broadcast year-round.

Christmas channels include classical, pop, country, easy listening, jazz, party, kids, Broadway and channels devoted exclusively to multitudes of versions of specific songs such as “Greensleeves” and “Joy to the World.” My personal favourite for relaxation is the classical Christmas channel which often plays in the background as I work.

The nice thing about AccuRadio is that you can skip the song you’re listening to if you don’t like it and can even “ban” an artist or song from being played again on your own computer if you really don’t like them. Highly customizable, as far as that goes!

AccuRadio also boasts dozens of channels for every other musical taste imaginable, including pop, country, rock, jazz, reggae, rock, metal and classical channels, among many others. It’s the perfect online resource for free music. There are periodic advertisements aired, but they aren’t overly intrusive to the free listening experience.

This week’s featured YouTube channels

Every week, I feature one or more YouTube channels for you to check out. Statistics are current to Nov. 6. Have a favourite YouTube channel? Please let me know and I may feature it here.

1) Veterans Affairs Canada (English: 686 subscribers; French: 41 subscribers): These are Canada’s official YouTube channels honouring veterans. Here, you’ll find tributes, profiles of veterans and historical videos. (Most popular videos – English: Remembrance Vignette – 23,269 views; French: Le Jour du souvenir 2009 – 2,540 views.)



2) The Royal Canadian Legion – Dominion Command (2 subscribers): Hard to believe that this channel only has two subscribers and 229 video views, considering it’s apparently the official YouTube channel of the Royal Canadian Legion. Here, you’ll mostly find videos promoting the poppy and the two minutes of silence for Remembrance Day. (Most popular video: Legion Youth Track & Field Championships – 161 views.)

3) Prime Minister Stephen Harper (1,395 subscribers): This is the official YouTube channel for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The channel boasts dozens of videos with nearly 470,000 views between them. Oddly enough, the most popular video on the channel isn’t political, it’s a much talked about musical performance by Mr. Harper from 2009 when he sang a Beatles tune at the 2009 National Arts Centre Gala. Actually, he’s pretty good! (Most popular video: With A Little Help From My Friends – 35,794 views.)

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