Sunday Gratitude: Facebook helps me keep in touch with family and friends

I can’t remember what “before Facebook” was like. I joined the social network in April 2007 after hearing so many people talk about “what they saw on Facebook,” etc.

Five years later, I’m on the site every day. I use it to keep in touch with long-lost family and friends I would never keep in touch with were it not for the convenience of Facebook. I also use it in my business as a tool for networking and communicating. Of course, I also use it to share updates and photos with people I know and see regularly “in the present.”

No one can ever make everyone happy, but I really appreciate how Facebook keeps me informed with what others choose to share.

Facebook isn’t perfect, but I could never go back to not using it. It’s been a very valuable communication tool in my personal and professional life.

Bashing Facebook seems to be “de rigueur” these days, but today I’m giving it a big shout-out! Thanks!


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