Sunday Gratitude: A very special Christmas gift

Charles Dickens Christmas Village house

On Friday afternoon, I received a beautiful gift from “the beyond”. Thanks for the very touching note and gift of a Charles Dickens Christmas village house from Jason Capson and Monique Capson in memory of Jason’s mother Shirley, a longtime faithful reader of Hump Day who passed away on the same day as my father (August 26, 2012). The house was part of Shirley’s collection.

I love it and will treasure it forever!

I love anything Dickens-related at Christmas since A Christmas Carol (1951 version) is one of my favourite movies of all time. (I’m quasi-obsessed with it.) There was also a Christmas treat included that was… well… criminally delicious. I think it was gone before they left the driveway.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise.

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