Food Depot Alimentaire, Moncton Wildcats and Needs convenience stores working together to fight hunger through new fundraising initiative


Food Depot Alimentaire (FDA), the Moncton Wildcats and local Needs convenience stores are teaming up to help fight the issue of hunger in the Greater Moncton area.

Effective Monday, March 25, all 10 Needs store locations in Greater Moncton will be accepting customer $2 donations toward a weekly 50/50 draw in support of FDA and area food banks. The public will be able to register at any location and then play for a chance to win the weekly pot plus a second prize of a 10-game flex pass for the Moncton Wildcats.

All registered participants will be entered into the draw each week regardless of whether or not they have paid their $2 that particular week. Then, every Monday at 10 a.m., a number will be drawn from all registered players to determine a winner. Should that person not have played their number that week, then it would be declared a non-winner and that money would be rolled over to the draw the following week.

This community 50/50 draw is something FDA president Dale Hicks feels has the potential to impact the food bank system in Greater Moncton in a huge way. “Funding is always the other aspect of this issue,” he says. “We have a variety of events during the year that focus on food donations, but the system also requires financial assistance to address operational needs and to allow us to purchase certain food products in bulk that we may not normally receive. As well, it will help us keep the shelves stocked between food drives.”

The 50/50 draw will be automated and is, in fact, the same system employed by the Moncton Wildcats at their home games. Both the Moncton Wildcats and Needs have been long-standing supporters of FDA, and Hicks says this project would not have gotten off the ground without their support.

“The Moncton Wildcats will be marketing this draw to their fan base and in-house during home games,” Mr. Hicks says. “That alone will reach a large segment of the community. As well, Needs has stepped forward to provide the locations and resources to collect the weekly donations at no cost. So, both organizations are contributing their expertise, time and resources to make this work for the less fortunate in the community.”

“Our Needs locations in Moncton are looking forward to this partnership with Food Depot Alimentaire and the Moncton Wildcats,” says Craig Pardy, director of operations for Needs. “FDA serves an important need and this new fundraising initiative should give them a real financial boost to help them through tougher times. We are certainly happy to help out.”

The public will be able to register for the draw at any of the 10 participating Needs convenience stores in Greater Moncton beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 25, with the first draw set for the following Monday, April 1.

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