Social Media Matters: Babies, coffee mugs make for new trend

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, May 3, 2013
Metro section

Babies, coffee mugs make for new trend

The newest craze to take the online world by storm has parents everywhere reaching for their coffee mugs.

Baby mugging
Baby mugging sample photo courtesy of the Mommy Shorts blog.

“Baby mugging” is a new fad that involves taking a photo of your baby while holding a coffee mug between the camera lens and the child, thus giving the illusion that the baby is actually inside the mug. You wouldn’t think that something so simple would go viral, but it has.

According to an article published on on April 25, the craze has taken over on Instagram after being recently kickstarted “by blogger Illana Wiles of Mommy Shorts who snapped a pic of her baby, Harlow, in a black mug and posted it to her Instagram (@mommyshorts).”

Most popular media Facebook pages for Canadians

According to, the five most popular Facebook pages in the media category for Canadians this week are: 1) YouTube (1,571,643 Canadian likes); 2) Facebook (1,490,331); 3) MuchMusic (590,983); 4) MTV (547,319); 5) TSN (403,291). And lest you think Canadians are a conservative bunch, coming up in sixth place is Playboy’s Facebook page with 305,277 Canadian likes among its 8,358,850 total likes. (Statistics current to April 30.)

Top environment-related websites

forestsThis week’s top 10 websites courtesy of focus on the environment. Rankings are current to April 30.

1) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA warns of dangerous weather, charts U.S. seas and skies, guides Americans’ use and protection of ocean and coastal resources, etc.); 2) Care2 (Largest social action network making a difference in healthy and green living, human rights, animal welfare and other important causes); 3) National Park Service: Parknet (Official website of U.S. national parks); 4) Mother Nature Network (Environmental news site); 5) Environmental Protection Agency (Current issues information for the U.S., reports on 17 key environmental topics from air to water, kids page, laws/regulations, etc.); 6) — Environment (News and features from the U.K. about the global environment with sections on climate change, conservation, travel, energy, ethical living, etc.); 7) Environmental Working Group (Non-profit environmental research organization based in Washington, D.C.); 8) Environmental Graffiti (Website dedicated to providing the most useful environmental knowledge and debate); 9) Grist Magazine (Environmental news topics with humour); 10) The Daily Green (According to its description, offers “real green for real people”).

This week’s featured YouTube channels

This week’s featured channels touch on entertainment and gaming, pranks and dentistry — quite a diverse set of subjects! Statistics are current to April 30.

1) Machinima (7,394,737 subscribers): According to its channel description, “Machinima is the number one video entertainment network for gamers around the world, featuring gameplay videos, trailers, original series, livestreams, and the most up-to-date news for the gamer generation.” They’re not exaggerating they say they’re the most popular gaming channel — nearly 7.4 million subscribers and an incredible 4.2 billion (yes, billion) total video views. If you’re into online gaming and haven’t discovered this channel yet, consider yourself in heaven. (Most popular video: Avatar Trailer The Movie (New Extended HD Trailer) — 23,558,872 views.)

2) PrankvsPrank (2,616,471 subscribers): I don’t know how this couple stays together. Their channel is all about pranks — pranks on each other (and then getting revenge) and pranks on other people. I’m not sure why they don’t see the pranks on each other coming, but when you’re getting pranked, even the most mundane daily task can go awry! With nearly 400 million video views and 2.6 million subscribers, their antics are obviously quite popular. (Most popular video: Girlfriend caught cheating prank — PrankvsPrank — 14,317,141 views.)

3) madisonwidentist (8 subscribers): Madison, Wisconsin, dentists Dr. Laura Tills and Dr. Matthew Kutz of Riverplace Dental recently launched a new YouTube channel where they share answers to common dental questions. This is not only an excellent marketing tool for their practice, but also a good educational tool for dentistry in general. They even paid to distribute a news release on PR Web, so they’re definitely taking the project seriously! Uploaded videos so far touch on topics that include distraction for kids visiting the dentist, pain, and the causes of tooth decay. The channel was launched late last summer. I love seeing medical professionals use social media like this. (Most popular video: Dentist Madison WI (608) 222-9142 — 576 views.)

The end of Social Media Matters

This is the final Social Media Matters column for the Times & Transcript. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the approximately 150 columns that have appeared over the past three years as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! I know I’ve learned a lot in my weekly searches for content. I hope the column has been of value to you, as well.

Many thanks to you, the readers, and also to the editorial staff at the newspaper for making Social Media Matters possible. Please refer to my website and free weekly e-newsletter for some of the same features I covered here every Friday. To subscribe to my e-newsletter, visit my website. (Editor’s note: See subscription area in upper right-hand corner of the website.) See you online!

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