startup connects food service suppliers and establishments

FoodTender logoIf you’re a food service supplier or a food establishment, can help save you time and connect with new clients and suppliers. The online service goes live this Wednesday, August 21, after being in beta testing. is an innovative concept created by André Pellerin and André LeBlanc, two food-service industry experts with combined experience of more than 40 years both directly in the restaurant industry as well as in food distribution. Pellerin and LeBlanc saw a need and joined forces to make a one-stop shop for food establishments, retailers and suppliers who want to make negotiating simple.

Their powerful combination of knowledge and expertise sparked an idea that there must be a better way for customers to find and negotiate with suppliers – and for suppliers a more efficient way of finding new customers and growing market share.

Their idea – – goes live on Wednesday, August 21, and is growing its customer base daily. For $24.99 per month, clients can issue tenders or have access to tenders locally, regionally or nationally. will help food establishments connect with suppliers and suppliers connect with food establishments. Pellerin and LeBlanc knew they could change the way the industry works with this web-based application. Registered food establishments of any size can create tenders and request a quote from registered suppliers.

“It’s the first service of its kind in Canada,” says Pellerin, the company’s president. “Many suppliers can only visit 6-8 customers per day and are limited by their clients’ availability. They may have to visit a client 4-5 times before gaining access to the right person who can make decisions. Clients who sign up for get access to the decision-makers immediately and can communicate with them around the clock through our messaging system.”

“Now, a sales rep can easily interact with 25-30 clients per day instead of only 6-8. And smaller niche market suppliers now have access to many more potential clients for their products and services. The first month is free and there is no contract or cancellation fee after you sign up. $24.99 is within everyone’s budget – especially when it give you access to so many potential clients,” Pellerin says. also got high praise from Ottawa-based technology business advisor Rob Rose who met Pellerin and LeBlanc at a recent Montreal Startup Festival. Rose sent this testimonial to Pellerin: “Hi André. I thought that FoodTender was one of the more well-thought-out opportunities at the festival. You guys have a clear understanding of your space. I’d love to hear how your guys are doing as time goes by. I think that this can be a major revenue stream for you guys once you amass a large member base.” was also recently chosen as one of Canada’s Top 1000 startups by Startup Canada.

Pellerin says he hopes to grow the company and hire on new staff soon to take on administration and marketing tasks.

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