City of Dieppe launches ExpansionDieppe

The City of Dieppe announced today that the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Dieppe will now be known as ExpansionDieppe. The new name is effective today.

ExpansionDieppe is the City of Dieppe’s land development agency. Its goal is to ensure that land development in Dieppe occurs in a timely and efficient manner by providing vital information, seeking partnerships and acting as a facilitator for property development and investments through advice, expertise, support and strategic site data.

The name ExpansionDieppe – along with the new tagline Seize Our Momentum – capitalizes on Dieppe’s significant continued growth. The new name reflects one of Dieppe’s main goals: to expand in a sustainable and responsible manner. As well, the name is shorter, easier to remember and is the same in French and English. The new branding includes a logo, website, video and social media channels such as Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

“Dieppe is a young and dynamic city with the second-highest population growth in Atlantic Canada,” said Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of Dieppe. “In fact our population has increased by 50 per cent since 2001 and our tax base has tripled over the past 10 years. We are home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses not only in New Brunswick, but regionally and nationally. We have been demonstrating strong economic leadership in this community for many years, and this is the next step in continuing along that successful path.”

“This rebranding was undertaken to better reflect the agency’s mandate,” said Alain Parent, President of ExpansionDieppe’s board of directors. “In fact, despite its former name, ExpansionDieppe is not an economic development agency in the traditional sense; our focus is more on growing the City’s tax base through commercial and industrial land development initiatives. This led to some lack of clarity among Dieppe residents, investors and the area’s business community.”

“We add value to our client’s efforts as we work every day to continue the momentum in Dieppe’s successful business climate,” Mr. Parent said.

“The EDCCD’s staff and board of directors remain in place,” says Pierre Dupuis, General Manager of Expansion Dieppe, “however we fully anticipate that this new brand and updated communication tools will allow us to be more effective in the community as we seek to encourage and facilitate growth in Dieppe to the benefit of our residents and the overall economy of Southeastern New Brunswick.”

ExpansionDieppe maintains a strategic inventory of its own land available for development; maintains a database of available land and commercial space; provides current economic data to developers and others seeking to invest in Dieppe; and provides support and advice by helping to ensure that projects move ahead in a timely manner, among a number of other services. ExpansionDieppe also closely monitors and guides development in the Dieppe Industrial Park / Aviation Avenue, downtown Dieppe and Dieppe’s business and technology zone.

“We want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for investors to do business in Dieppe,” said Mr. Dupuis. “We are very excited to continue to have the opportunity of growing Dieppe’s economy through this fresh new look and name.”

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