Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
“Thanksgiving Day – Cranberries! Me for the tall timbers.” Click photo for larger image. (Postcard info: Raphael Tuck and Sons’ – COMIC THANKSGIVING DAY – Series of Post Cards No. 162. Printed in Saxony.)

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a scan from my maternal grandmother’s vintage postcard collection. The caption on the card reads, “Cranberries! Me for the tall timbers.” My interpretation is that the turkey sees the cranberries, figures out it’s Thanksgiving and tells himself that he’d better hide in the forest from the hunters.

It was sent to Miss Lena Pineau in New Glasgow, PEI, (likely a relative or friend of my grandmother’s) in the early 1900s. Postmarked November 22 in North Andover, Mass. Unfortunately, the year is not clear, but my online research says the year the postcard series was created was 1909. Looking at the barely legible year in the postmark, it seems like it is likely 1909. The name of the sender is not clear. The postcard was written in pencil and is a bit faded, but from the message, it’s clear that it was a friend of Lena’s.

Here’s a scan of the back of the postcard:

Back of vintage Thanksgiving postcard
Back of vintage Thanksgiving postcard. Click photo for larger image.

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