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Hump Day: Sympathy for ‘The Whistler’ in a Nana-state stage scolding

Hump Day By Brian Cormier Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Moncton Times & Transcript Editorial section Our next Friday the 13th doesn’t occur until June, but that doesn’t mean superstition doesn’t surround us daily. I’ll bet you that June 13 will be a slow day for special events such as weddings and important meetings. When it… Continue Reading

This week’s giveaway: Please Let Me In by Rhonda Herrington Bulmer, illustrated by Kent Bulmer

This week’s giveaway is a signed copy of the newly released children’s book Please Let Me In written by my Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) colleague Rhonda Herrington Bulmer and illustrated by Kent Bulmer. Book description: “Jill longs to make a home in the marvelous city of Adventus, where days are rich and life… Continue Reading