The July 13-26, 2020, edition of Brian Cormier’s Weekly Update is out!

Click here for this week’s newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out the form in the upper right-hand corner of my website. In this week’s edition:
– Brands are abandoning Facebook because it isn’t doing enough to curb hate speech on its platform
– CBC Radio’s Under the Influence season finale: Ask Terry 2020
– Health Canada bans vaping ads
– People are setting off fireworks around the U.S.
– Gary Larson’s The Far Side is back!
– Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting gains new fans during pandemic
– If you think TikTok is safe, think again!
– Let Harry Styles read you a bedtime story during these trying times
– Summer newsletter schedule
… and quotes of the week, trivia, links to interesting articles and more!

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