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Motivation Monday: Positive affirmations during a crazy time of year

As much as Christmas is a joyous and wondrous season of generosity and goodwill, it’s also really easy to get caught up in the all the craziness: shopping, parties, finding the right gifts, travel, debt, stressful family or personal situations, work deadlines, etc.

Here’s a nice peaceful video I found that is meant to relax and motivate at the same time… some positive affirmations displayed in a calm and melodious way if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed during this busy time.

Motivation Monday: Opportunity is found in solving others’ problems

Randy Gage
Randy Gage

This so simple, but something we need to be reminded about every day!

Here, Randy Gage reminds us that the opportunity is found in solving the problems experienced by others.

How do we create prosperity? Find a problem that others need to solve. Find a solution to the problem. Get paid to implement your solution. A simple concept!

Motivation Monday: Do You Need Some New People in Your Life?

Randy Gage
Randy Gage

This is a brief but very thought-provoking video from author and speaker Randy Gage. Are you surrounding yourself with people who allow you to be too comfortable?

Like what you hear? Randy hosts his own YouTube channel — Prosperity TV — where you’ll find more like this. According to the channel description, “… Randy Gage shares his insights on how you manifest prosperity and abundance in your life.”

To find out more about Randy Gage, visit his website.