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Hospice Southeast New Brunswick (SENB) launches $5-million capital campaign to construct first residential hospice facility in region


June 17, 2019
For immediate release

Hospice Southeast New Brunswick (SENB) launches $5-million capital campaign to construct first residential hospice facility in region

MONCTON, N.B. – Hospice Southeast New Brunswick (SENB) is embarking on an ambitious $5-million capital campaign entitled Celebration to construct the first residential hospice complex in this part of the province. The bilingual 10-bed hospice is scheduled to open in late 2020 and will include a pediatric palliative care bed.

The announcement was made by Dennis Cochrane, chair of the board of directors of Hospice SENB, who is also co-chair of the capital campaign cabinet along with Dr. Janice Cormier, a family physician who works in oncology at the Dr. Georges-L. Dumont University Hospital Centre.

The campaign’s honorary chair is Julie McKenna She is well-known for her philanthropic work in New Brunswick since the early 1980s.

“I’m looking forward to working with Hospice SENB and its campaign cabinet to bring Celebration to a successful conclusion with the opening of first residential hospice complex in Southeast New Brunswick,” Mrs. McKenna said. “It’s an honour to be able to help make a difference in our communities. We all know that the end of a life is a very stressful time for patients and their loved ones. The goal of this new facility is to make this time a little bit easier on everyone involved in a beautiful, welcoming, serene atmosphere where we can truly celebrate life. This is why we chose the name Celebration for this campaign.”

In addition to Mrs. McKenna, Dr. Cormier and Mr. Cochrane, the campaign cabinet includes Irénée (René) Bourque, Brian Cormier, David Hawkins, Martin Haynes, Mike Jenkins, Luann Jones-Foster, William (Bill) Lane, Valerie Roy, Elisabeth Rybak and Chuck Steeves.

Members of the honorary committee are Claudette Bradshaw, Bob Cameron, Jack Cameron, Doris Alfonso Desjardins, Dr. Nicole LeBlanc, Madeleine Delaney LeBlanc, Len Lockhart, Dr. Pamela Mansfield, Dr. Jamie Penfold and Sharon Thivierge.

The 11,700-sq.-ft. hospice will be constructed on 2.2 hectares of land generously donated by the Hum-Lew-Sun Lions Club at 156 Pleasant Street in Moncton’s Lewisville area. “The land has a long history of service to the community,” Mr. Cochrane said. “Years ago, it served as the ballfield for the former Sunnyside School, while more recently it served as the home of the Hum-Lew-Sun Lions Club building. We’re very grateful for the Lions’ kind donation and will work very hard to ensure that they’re proud of what goes there. These selfless community leaders are to be commended for the legacy they are leaving. This new facility will help a lot of people.”

The hospice will include 10 private patient rooms, four family rooms, a garden and covered decks, meditation room, commercial kitchen, dining room, large sunroom, children’s play area, offices for medical and Hospice SENB staff and volunteers, on-site laundry facilities as well as a boardroom. Medical and support staff will be funded through the provincial government, while Hospice SENB will be responsible for operations, including the building, furnishings, appliances, special equipment, landscaping and maintenance.

Patients will be referred to the residential hospice from home via New Brunswick’s Extra-Mural program, which will continue to provide medical care for at-home palliative patients, as well as from both local hospitals via the inpatient palliative care teams. “Sometimes, patients would rather not die at home but neither do they want to die in a hospital,” Dr. Cormier said. “Hospitals do their best to care for palliative patients, but not all patients need to be in a hospital. Depending on the circumstances and the level of care needed, a hospice may be the preferred option for them. A hospice for this area has been a dream of mine since I began my medical practice. I’m so happy to see this become a reality. The medical community will welcome this.”

The bilingual new hospice will accept patients of all ages, from children to seniors from Albert, Kent and Westmorland counties. “We all hope to die only when we are elderly,” said honorary committee member Dr. Pamela Mansfield, a palliative care physician at The Moncton Hospital. “But, as we all know, we can die at any age. The hospice will be working with people of all ages – and services will be provided at no cost to patients and their families. This is an excellent addition to the community and I truly believe it will serve patients and family very well as a much-needed option.”

The campaign’s fundraising progress and the hospice’s name will be released at a future date. Members of the Celebration campaign cabinet will seek funding from all three levels of government, corporations, foundations, individuals, charities, estates and other organizations.

About Hospice SENB

Formerly Hospice Greater Moncton, Hospice SENB ( was founded in 2004 to promote awareness about life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life issues, to provide grief and bereavement services and support for clients and families, and to raise financial support to build a hospice residence.

The organization provides community palliative care through in-home palliative support services, as well as bereavement care through grief support.

In 2010, Hospice SENB launched The Hospice Shoppe, now located at 164 Collishaw Street in Moncton, where members of the public may donate gently used goods. Sales of these goods go back to fund Hospice Southeast New Brunswick’s operations and projects. Hospice SENB’s services are provided free of charge to patients and families.

Hospice SENB is governed by a volunteer board of directors with the support of a small staff. The organization’s programming and services are provided largely by a group of dedicated trained volunteers.

In the photo:
• Back row: Dr. Janice Cormier, Dr. Pamela Mansfield.
• Front row: Tradina Meadows Forgeron, Executive Director, Hospice SENB; Hon. Sherry Wilson, Minister of Service New Brunswick; Julie McKenna, Dennis Cochrane.

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NEWS RELEASE: Association and campaign launched by private sector business leaders to promote NB businesses

For immediate release

Research shows by shifting 5% of purchases to NB products, you will help to create 5,000 jobs and millions in revenue for the province

Association and campaign launched by private sector business leaders to promote NB businesses

(NEW BRUNSWICK – Monday, February 26, 2018) — An educational campaign to encourage individuals, businesses and public entities in the province to buy more New Brunswick products, services and experiences was launched today across the province.

Driven by a private-sector-led association called Excellence NB, which was also announced today, the initiative has the goal of empowering New Brunswickers to power up their own economy.

Jon and Leslie Manship, well-known leaders, philanthropists and lifelong New Brunswickers, are the founders of the entire initiative. They identified the fact that shifting even a small percentage of New Brunswickers’ purchases toward New Brunswick products, services and experiences could have a significantly positive and meaningful impact on the provincial economy.

“We feel there is an important opportunity here that all New Brunswickers can contribute to and that will help our province to realize its full potential,” said Jon Manship. “Leslie and I love New Brunswick. We believe in this province and its people. We know in our hearts that working together, as New Brunswickers, we can make this happen.”

From there, the Manships commissioned research from Dr. Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, an economist with the Université de Moncton. The research showed that just a 5% shift in purchasing NB products, services and experience would create roughly 5,000 jobs and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue annually for education, health care, roads and infrastructure, and social services. These results can start to flow immediately and would snowball more noticeably with time.

The Manships also commissioned research by Corporate Research Associates (CRA) on the buying patterns, thoughts, attitudes and perspectives of New Brunswickers both on the consumer side and business-to-business side.

CRA’s research shows that New Brunswickers are proud of products and services made in NB. It also concluded NB residents have some recognition of the benefits of buying locally made products and services. However, in many cases, there is only moderate awareness of which companies, products and services are from New Brunswick. This often applies to the billions of dollars of purchasing done annually by governments at all levels and by businesses.

Based on that information, Excellence NB was established and the campaign titled “For the love of New Brunswick” created. Among other things, the campaign aims to promote and educate New Brunswickers on which products, services and experiences are “made in NB” with in-store signage as well as other tools for retailers and other businesses.

“There are zero new or extras costs to doing this and, you can start today with no new money – no government grants, no handouts. Just shift your spending a little toward New Brunswick goods, services and experiences. That’s all. It really is that easy and will make a major difference,” said David Hawkins, CEO of BrainWorks Razor Marketing as well as a founding member and one of the principal architects of Excellence NB, and its creative director. “We encourage all citizens to support NB companies, products and services when it makes sense to you. Often, they will offer you the best value.”

Another founding member is Thomas Raffy, President and CEO of the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick, representing the province’s francophone business organization. “We are very enthusiastic about this initiative and excited to be a part of it and to help it succeed, for the benefit of our members and ultimately New Brunswick’s economy.”

A number of videos were played at the news conference showcasing the beauty, quality, depth and overall value of New Brunswick’s offerings. They also depicted a variety of New Brunswickers from across the province who have already jumped on board to support the initiative.

Though the announcement was physically held in Moncton, the event was live streamed across the province via Facebook Live to truly make it province-wide.

Please note, Excellence NB is a 100% private-sector conceived, led, driven and funded initiative.

For more information please visit,
En français:


Media contacts:

David Hawkins

Chanelle Doiron