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Twitter releases top trends of 2010

Trending on Twitter is like being invited to appear as a guest on Oprah. Either you did something really good – or really bad. Appearing on 2010’s top 10 were a variety of movies, technology, natural disasters, soccer-related issues – including a psychic octopus, and one 16-year-old Canadian teen singing sensation who makes the girls scream wherever he goes. Do the initials “JB” mean anything to you?

The top 10 overall trends were: 1. Gulf oil spill; 2. FIFA World Cup; 3. Inception (movie); 4. Haiti earthquake; 5. Vuvuzela (noisemaker used at FIFA World Cup); 6. Apple iPad; 7. Google Android; 8. Justin Bieber; 9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (movie); 10. Pulpo Paul (octopus who predicted World Cup soccer match winners).

Here’s a list of the top five trends in other categories. Click here for a complete list of the top 10 trends in each area.

In the news events category, natural disasters trended strongly: 1.Gulf oil spill; 2.Haiti earthquake; 3. Pakistan floods; 4. Koreas conflict; 5. Chilean miners rescue. Meanwhile, entertainment figures were the popular subjects of tweets in the people category: 1. Justin Bieber; 2. Dilma Rouseff; 3. Lady Gaga; 4. Julian Assange; 5. Mel Gibson.

Films aimed at a younger audience were popular among tweeters in the movie category: 1.Inception; 2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; 3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; 4. Despicable Me; 5. Karate Kid. Meanwhile, in the television category, awards shows and cult favourites were the most talked about: 1. MTV Video Music Awards; 2. Pretty Little Liars; 3. True Blood; 4. Walking Dead; 5. Grammy Awards. (Glee and Family Guy were in the #6 and #7 spots, respectively, in case fans were wondering where those much-tweeted-about shows landed.)

In technology, Apple clearly stole the show: 1. Apple iPad; 2. Google Android; 3. Apple iOS; 4. Apple iPhone; 5. Call of Duty Black Ops. In the world of hashtags, self-deprecation, nostalgia, confessions and honesty ruled the roost: 1. #rememberwhen; 2. #slapyourself; 3. #confessiontime; 4. #thingsimiss; 5. #ohjustlikeme.

And as for sports, the FIFA World Cup so dominated anything sports-related this year that it even got its own category. In general sports, basketball, mixed martial arts and a British soccer team dominated: 1. Lebron James; 2. Wimbledon; 3. Manchester United; 4. Brock Lesnar; 5. Celtics. When it came to the FIFA World Cup, it was all about the event itself, those annoying noisemakers, the psychic octopus, a fired Brazilian national team coach and the former manager of the Argentinian team: 1. FIFA World Cup; 2. Vuvuzela; 3. Pulpo Paul; 4. Dunga; 5. Diego Maradona.