Monthly Archives: June 2010

Resist the urge to “vaguebook”

Even if you’ve never heard of the term “vaguebooking”, you certainly know what it is. And I can guarantee you, it likely drives you as crazy as it does me.

People vaguebook when they are looking for pity or attention online. If you want to lose credibility fast, write status updates like this: “Can’t take it anymore;” “Why is this happening to me?;” “Nothing I do is ever enough;” “Will have to try harder next time.”

All these updates do is cause one to wonder, “What’s wrong?” In fact, it’s just a cry for attention. Unless I know the person very well and such a comment is very much out of character, I will ignore updates like these like the plague.

Another popular vaguebooking technique is placing completely obscure song lyrics in your status update. One person I know placed song lyrics about a marriage breakup in his status update and then wondered aloud why everyone thought he broke up with his wife. Really? You sent out an update that read, “Go on now go walk out the door… just turn around now… ’cause you’re not welcome anymore” to 500 friends and you’re surprised people think your marriage broke up?

Maybe 10 per cent of your friends who read this recognized them as lyrics from Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, but the other 90% started calling each other for the scoop on what was wrong — or started rumours. Just be careful and don’t blame people for trying to figure out what your vaguebooking updates mean.