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Online Halloween ideas for the whole family

Holidays are a great time to surf the Internet for new decorating ideas and recipes. Halloween is no exception with so many specialty websites out there to keep parents and kids entertained with unique ideas.

Here are a few that may interest readers:

  • offers a variety of themed recipes that the entire family can enjoy, including vampire punch, bloody popcorn, candied apples, marshmallow ghosts, old-fashioned pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds, among others.
  • provides advice, tips and ideas on carving innovative designs into pumpkins. Sections include pumpkin-carving history, choosing the best pumpkin to carve, tools required, carving instructions, as well as tips on lighting your pumpkin, making it last as long as possible and disposing of your pumpkin after Halloween. The website even tells you how to photograph your pumpkin for the best results!
  • Speaking of pumpkin carving, is your all-inclusive online source for free and purchased patterns for carving your pumpkin this Halloween. There are a number of free stencils available for download online, as well as stencils available for purchase. The website also offers recipes and Halloween-themed games.
  • offers a wide variety of family-friendly Halloween ideas if you’re more comfortable skipping the really scary stuff. Just click on the Halloween tab when you visit the homepage. Sections include crafts (coffee filter vampire bats!), costume ideas for kids and their pets, recipes (orange hot chocolate!), party games, free colouring pages and safety information.
  • offers a list of horror movies in categories such as new releases, Halloween favourites, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, sci-fi and witches.
  • And, of course, there’s the mother of all Halloween websites, The site offers greeting cards, pumpkin carving stencils, and an extensive Halloween safety tips section that even offers advice on the ever-growing popularity of using specialty contact lenses as part of a costume. Another unique section of offers suggestions on costume ideas for the physically challenged. For example, if you’re in a wheelchair, you could dress up as Fred Flintsone and have the wheelchair decorated as his car. An additional idea would be to wrap your foot in a bandage, put on winter clothes including a tuque and ski goggles and go as an injured skier.