Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to create headlines that get retweeted

According to Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, “There is an art and science to getting blog posts to travel like wildfire.” He recently posted an article entitled “Blogging by Numbers: How to Create Headlines That Get Retweeted”. His 281 blog posts have received 39,000+ comments and almost two million click-throughs via his Twitter profile and Facebook page in the last six months. Click here to read the article

Accuradio’s Holidays Radio: A great source for online Christmas music

If you’re looking for a really good resource for online holiday music, Accuradio’s Holidays Radio offers a wide array of free streaming music. I’ve been listening to Accuradio for years and am thrilled with the huge variety of genres, especially its year-round holiday music offerings.

The service is supported by users who purchase music through the website and through advertising that runs from time to time. For those on the go, Accuradio also offers a free iPhone and iPad app through iTunes. (There is one app that can be used on both devices.)

Holiday stations available include classical, holiday jazz, modern classics, old-fashioned Christmas, holiday on Broadway, even reggae Christmas, among others. Non-holiday channels cover the gamut from rock, pop, jazz and classical to oldies, country, urban and Latin, with many niche-interest sub-channels in each area.

Accuradio’s channels are also customizable. You can delete certain artists from a favourite channel’s playlist. You can also skip through songs you don’t like, although you will eventually run into another ad. That’s OK, though. The service’s ads are reasonable in length and there are no lengthy strings of never-ending ads like the ones hear on other services, including satellite radio.