Moncton’s Lymbix profiled on

Getting your company profiled on is like winning an Oscar. The exposure is huge. Moncton’s own Lymbix was profiled on Mashable a few days ago on January 20 — a big day for the company and the people who’ve worked so hard to get it where it is today.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Whether intended or not, our text-based communication often carries emotional undertones that can often undermine (or give away) our true intentions. Nowhere is this more apparent than in e-mail, which most of us use as our primary means of digital communication and can, on occasion, get us in trouble if we choose the wrong words.

Having experienced this first-hand one too many times, Matt Eldridge sought out a solution to the problem. We have spell check to save us from making an egregious spelling faux pas and grammar check to keep our subjects and verbs in agreement, so there must be a tool for tone check, he reasoned. In fact, there was not, so Eldridge left his day job, found a technical co-founder in Josh Merchant and together the two started sentiment analysis startup Lymbix.”

Click here to read the rest of the article entitled, “How a Sentiment Analysis Startup Profits By Checking Emotion in E-mail.”

Congrats to everyone at Lymbix!

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