Logitech’s new Couch Mouse M515 is (literally) made for couch potatoes

A true couch potato uses their computer’s mouse on the sofa itself or in bed… but sometimes they don’t work too well on surfaces that aren’t smooth like a desk or table. Logitech may have an answer for you, though!

Check out this review of Logitech’s new Couch Mouse M515. Written by Charlie White, the review was posted today to Mashable.com.

Excerpt: “Logitech claims its Couch Mouse M515 is optimized for soft surfaces such as sofas, beds or carpets. No stranger to the wonders and allure of a comfy couch, I was eager to see if it could do better than other pointing devices at navigating a PC from, shall we say, more relaxing surroundings.”

Click here to read the entire article.

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