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Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a greeting card freak! If there’s a birthday or other event or holiday, I am (or “was”, I should say) more than happy to spend up to 30 minutes or more looking through a store’s card section for that “special” card that spoke to the occasion. I also send out nearly 150 Christmas cards every year – and even include an annual newsletter! Yup… I’m one of THOSE people!

With that said, when you send out a lot of cards like me, it can get expensive and time consuming. Sometimes, I just want to send something quickly and not fight traffic going to and from the store. Also, I usually never find exactly what I’m looking for. And have you seen the price of cards lately? Nice ones are around $5 each (at least!). And cards from the Dollar Store – nope, not for me. They look and feel cheap!

As a business owner wanting to have customized cards, I would have been forced to have cards printed if I wanted something with my logo on it. Making cards at home wasn’t an option – all that printer ink and card stock would be expensive – and the end result still looks homemade and cheesy.

I wanted something easy, cost effective, 100% customizable and powerful.

So, when I heard about SendOutCards™, I got excited… really excited. Finally! A way for me to send greeting cards whether they be generic… customized… personal… business-related… special campaigns… holidays… everything! I can even include brownies, cookies, a gift card or a QR code to a custom video!

Needless to say, I signed up right away. While I decided to become a distributor (I was THAT impressed), many also use SendOutCards™’ through the pay-as-you-go service option or as a monthly subscriber. I’ve been sending cards for the past several weeks – cards of encouragement, congratulations, thanks, sympathy, birthdays… you name it, I’ve sent it! And because they can be personalized, I’ve been adding my own photos and write-ups to many of the cards, too. There are also thousands of ready-made templates to choose from for every occasion and event imaginable!

To say the least, the reaction from recipients so far has been phenomenal. The cards arrive within a week of being sent through SendOutCards™ and they arrive with a REAL stamp on them, virtually guaranteeing they’ll be opened. The quality is A+, too!

A few benefits of SendOutCards™:

  • A powerful built-in database to keep track of your contacts
  • Prompting for birthdays
  • Complete personalization capabilities (company logos, personal photos, clipart, etc.)
  • Ability to include gifts (brownies, cookies, gift cards, etc.)
  • No stuffing envelopes, addressing cards, etc. – automated system!
  • Wide variety of card sizes available — two-panel, three-panel, vertical, horizontal, “big cards”, postcards
  • Customized handwriting fonts available

If you’re in real estate, insurance, sales or run any other type of business – small, medium or large – that has clients with whom you regularly interact, SendOutCards™ is a brilliant opportunity to connect with your clients, potential clients, friends and family. Anyone can use the service — personal or business!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to send out greeting cards either for yourself or as part of your business, SendOutCards™ is for you!

Click “Join Now” to view the price list and subscription options. Still not convinced? Send a free card courtesy of me! Click on the “Send a Free Card” icon and send a card worth up to three points to someone. Take a look around the website and all the options available to you. I’ll even pay the postage! Not convinced of the quality? Then send your gift card to yourself to check out the quality! I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

A few ideas on how you can take advantage of SendOutCards™:

  • Send customized birthday and holiday cards to friends and family at a fraction of the cost
  • Send branded cards and postcards to clients — either single cards or large campaigns
  • Appointment reminder postcards to clients
  • Thank-you cards to clients for their business
  • Thank-you cards to those who refer clients to you
  • Promotional campaigns to your client list (real estate agents,vehicle sales representatives, etc.)
  • Encouragement cards to friends, family and colleagues going through difficulties (motivation, thinking of you, sympathy, etc.)
  • Congratulatory cards to clients, community leaders, friends and family (graduation, new job, awards, etc.)

This all may sound “old school” for a guy who’s into social media as much as I am, but the act of being social is what’s important here. Many people receive dozens (or more!) e-mail messages every day. Many are ignored, skipped over and forgotten or don’t even reach the recipient because they get caught in spam filters.

Send someone a real printed card, however, with a real stamp on the envelope, and you can be virtually 100% certain that it will be opened, read, acknowledged… and greatly (!!) appreciated. Not only that, it will sit on their desk or be posted on their bulletin board or fridge.

When was the last time you displayed an e-mail message on your desk or fridge? Yeah… I can’t remember, either.

Do yourself a favour and check out SendOutCards™. And remember… please don’t hesitate to send a free card! It’s on me!

Feel free to contact me should you require further information.

© Brian Cormier 2011

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