Monthly Archives: November 2011

Christmas countdown: 25 days

This is the last day of November, so everyone out there who’s holding off until December until they admit that the Christmas season is upon us had better enjoy today. Tomorrow, there’s no more complaining!

Today’s video is a classic toy commercial for Trouble, a board game by Kohner featuring a very noisy and annoying die-rolling device called the “Pop-O-Matic” that created quite a racket. It seems that everyone had one of these — and it was actually pretty fun! This commercial would run constantly in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Harrison Trimble High School student creates anti-bullying video

Sydney Steeves, a student at Moncton’s Harrison Trimble High School, is creating quite a stir (in a good way!) with the anti-bullying video she created with a little help from her friends. Its compassionate message and professional quality are something else! Congratulations to Sydney and her friends for doing this. It makes a difference!

Here’s the original video and a CBC clip about the attention its getting. You can also read about the video here on CBC New Brunswick’s website.

Google changes site navigation

Like most people, you probably do the majority of your online searches through Google. They’re doing away with the black bar and introducing a new site navigation system. This video explains more.

Christmas countdown: 26 days

Today’s video is not retro — in fact it’s about as new as you can get. I’m usually not a fan of new Christmas music, but Justin Bieber’s new song Mistletoe is a catchy tune that’s become very popular since it was released last month. Here’s the original music video as well as a cover version by YouTube’s Charlie Puth and his friends from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Christmas countdown: 27 days

Today’s countdown video is a wonderful Silly Symphony cartoon dating back to 1933 called The Night Before Christmas.  The video quality is excellent and the old-school animation and clever humour are a joy to experience.

(Disclaimer: As with any cartoon from that age, there may be images that are considered to be politically incorrect now. The intent of the video is to make you smile. Please take any images in their historical context. It goes without saying that similar images would be inappropriate in today’s world.)