Social Media Matters: Facebook scams continue to pile up

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, Aug. 24, 2012
Metro section

Facebook scams continue to pile up

You know it’s just a matter of time before the following scams pop up in your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds.

According to, some of the latest hoaxes currently making the rounds are: Facebook Profile Viewer: This is such a common scam and one that has been making the rounds forever. Yes, we’d all love to see who’s been checking out our profile, right?

Well, if you’re friends with someone on Facebook, it’s pretty normal for them to check out your profile from time to time, right? Right!

The problem is that there are no legitimate applications out there that allow you to see who’s been looking at your profiles in the past 24 hours. They just don’t exist. All the Facebook Profile Viewer does is to urge you to download a rogue Facebook application to satisfy your ego and see who’s been checking you out. It then randomly posts a message supposedly telling you who’s looked at your profile in the past 24 hours.

It’s a scam. All they want is access to your account and to get you to fill out surveys. The application also tags your friends in an effort to get them to download the application, as well. Resist the urge to take the bait! Delete the tag or ignore it.

While the Facebook Profile Viewer has been around for quite some time, the Free iTunes Card Codes scam is a new one. In this hoax, the scammer wants to get you to fill out a survey by promising non-existent free iTunes codes. And honestly, if you fall for this, you’re practically asking for the dunce cap!

The same goes with free Walmart, Costco, Tim Hortons and other scams that regular people keep propagating ‘just in case it’s true.’ What can it hurt, after all, right? I’ll tell you: your credibility.

Also keep a look out for the following hoaxes: 1) Robert Pattinson of TWILIGHT Died becuase (sic) nervous breakdown due of emotional stress; 2) [VIDEO] Giant Snake EATS MAN WHOLE!; 3) Warning: We received from other users that your account has violated a policy that is considered to disturb or offend other users; 4) My total profile views today (followed by the number of male viewers and female viewers). See your total views and who is viewing you here; 5) Facebook is having a promo! I just went shopping and spent like $1000 for free!

All fake, of course! As I’ve said before and will say again: Stop the insanity! Don’t spread too-good-to-be-true Facebook hoaxes just because they may look legitimate.

If it looks too good to be true, it likely is. And when in doubt, Google a few key words. If it’s a hoax, it will show up right at the top of the results.

Twitter may be banned in India

TwitterThe Indian government is no fan of Twitter these days after the social media giant didn’t respond quickly enough to demands that it reveal the sources of hate propaganda aimed at citizens in northeastern India. Similar misinformation was spread via text messages, Facebook and YouTube, but Facebook and Google (YouTube’s parent company) have offices in India, so the government can crack down on them easier. Twitter has no corporate presence in India.

According to an Aug. 21 report in The Times of India, “a senior government official has said that Twitter has already been told that legal action may be taken against it as it had failed to cooperate with the Indian government in its efforts to find the source of and curtail the inflammatory messages against north-east citizens.” The article explains that Facebook and Google admit the offensive messages originated from Pakistan.

The Indian government is seeking Twitter’s co-operation in blocking the objectionable content that it considers to be hate speech against its citizens.

This week’s featured YouTube channels

Every week, I feature three YouTube channels for you to check out. Have a favourite channel? Let me know about it and I may feature it here! Statistics are current to Aug. 21. (Editor’s note: Due to a publication error on this website, the videos were updated on Feb. 17, 2013. Statistics and videos are current to that date.)

1) Dave’s World of Fun Stuff!!! (7,763 subscribers): Dave is a Canadian whose YouTube channel focuses on ‘music, comedy, cooking, guitar repairs and other funny stuff.’ There’s a large amount of content here: 761 videos with more than 3.4 million total views. If you’re into guitars, you should enjoy this channel. Many thanks to Alan Cochrane for suggesting this channel. (Most popular video: This Taylor Acoustic Guitar is Crap – 174,231 views.)

2) National Geographic (740,479 subscribers): No introduction is needed for this iconic magazine’s sister television network’s official YouTube channel. There’s lots of great content here – much of it absolutely fascinating. And as far as content goes, there’s lots of it – 3,675 videos with about 778 million views! The videos are organized into a number of playlists, including National Geographic Channel, Locked Up Abroad, Amazing Animals, Dog Whisperer, and Nature’s Fury, to name but a few! (Most popular video: Cobra vs. Mongoose – 44,027,522 views.)

3) Adam Sacks (1,161 subscribers): Adam makes funny YouTube videos that he hopes entertain people. With more than four million views, he seems to be succeeding! Check out his website at and his Twitter feed at @AdamSacks.His iPhone commercial parodies are especially popular! (Most popular video: The iPhone 5 is For Food Photography – 8,257,498 views.)

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