Social Media Matters: Twitter gets badly needed redesign

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, Sept. 21, 2012
Metro section

Twitter gets badly needed redesign

Twitter has finally received a badly needed redesign that makes it a lot easier for users to have a better-looking online presence using the popular microblogging service.

With 140 million users tweeting a total of 400 million times per day, Twitter is making its new profile pages look more like Facebook with a prominent cover photo. Twitter is also launching a new photo stream and new mobile apps. And there’s bad news if you post photos to Twitter using, TwitPic, yFrog or any other third-party service: they’ll eventually be useless. As the updates to Twitter take effect, you’ll no longer have that option and will have to use Twitter itself to upload photos.

Facebook hoaxes

If you’re active at all on Facebook, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this ongoing useless message pop up in your friends’ newsfeeds dozens of times. This is copied word for word from the most common version of this maddening hoax:

“To all my FB friends, may I request you to please do something for me: I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. However, with the recent changes in FB, the public can now see activities in any wall. This happens when our friends hit ‘like’ or ‘comment’, automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it this way. So I need your help. Only you can do this for me. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (do not click), a window will appear, now move the mouse on ‘FRIENDS’ (also without clicking), then down to ‘Settings’, click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on ‘COMMENTS & LIKE’ by clicking on it. By doing this, my activity amongst my friends and my family will no longer become public. Many thanks! Paste this on your wall so your contacts would follow suit too, that is, if you care about your privacy.”

According to the excellent website, “First off, the message contains inaccurate information. There have not been recent changes to Facebook that allows the public to see activities on any wall. The privacy and sharing controls of the person sharing the item on Facebook determines the audience.”

The website goes on to warn readers that following the message’s instructions does nothing to protect anyone’s privacy – yours or your Facebook friend’s. “The only thing you’ll be doing is unsubscribing from any of their Facebook comments and likes. This kind of defeats the purpose of being friends with them in the first place.”’s advice: set your privacy and sharing settings to “friends only.”

This week’s featured YouTube channels

Every week, I feature three YouTube channels for you to check out. Statistics are current to Sept. 18.

1) Casino NB YouTube Channel (13 subscribers): Casino New Brunswick based in Moncton has its very own YouTube channel where it posts testimonials, television commercials and promotional videos. The channel’s 10 videos have a total of just more than 2,500 views. (Most popular video: Johnny Casino makes his Great Escape at Casino NB! – 707 views.)

2) Motor Trend (381,568 subscribers): If you’re a lover of cars, this is the channel for you. This is the YouTube companion to the popular magazine. The very active channel boasts literally hundreds of videos that have amassed an amazing 235 million views. Playlists include Epic Drives, Ignition, On Two Wheels, Wide Open Throttle, and 2012 Best Driver’s Car Week, among others.

The channel description is as follows: “Get your automotive adrenaline charge right here on the Motor Trend channel. From first drives and tests of the hottest new supercars, muscle cars and motorcycles, to the latest automotive news from around the world, to the incredible machinery and personalities from beyond the automotive mainstream, the Motor Trend channel has it all, delivered daily. The Motor Trend channel. We drive it. We ride it. We live it.”

For more information on Motor Trend, visit their website, Facebook page or Twitter at @MotorTrend. (Most popular video: Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5 – 11,532,599 views.)

3) Autobytel (7,523 subscribers): In a news release issued on Sept.18, the company boasted that its YouTube channel had recently surpassed the six million views mark. “In less than a year, the video channel which features vehicle first looks, in-depth vehicle walk-arounds, new car reviews, auto show coverage and industry insights, has become a dominant consumer-oriented automotive video channel,” the news release said.

The channel was founded on December 12, 2011. In the nine months since the channel was set up, Autobytel has already posted more than 330 videos that have been watched more than 6.3 million times. Very impressive for such a young channel! Playlists include Alternative Fuel, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, Pickup Trucks, Convertibles, Luxury SUVs and 2012 Long Beach Grand Prix, among others.

For more information on Autobytel, check out their website or their Facebook page. (Most popular video: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Test Drive & Car Review – 218,965 views.)

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