Social Media Matters: Even the pope can be found on Twitter

Social Media MattersSocial Media Matters
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Friday, Dec. 7, 2012
Metro section

Even the pope can be found on Twitter

You know Twitter’s a big deal when even the pontiff has caved in. Yes, Pope Benedict XVI has set up (or rather, his aides have set up) a number of language-specific Twitter accounts for the Roman Catholic Church’s 265th leader. The English account is @pontifex, while the

Pope Benedict XVI using a tablet
Pope Benedict XVI using a tablet. (Photo courtesy of Reuters)

French account is @pontifex_fr. Other accounts include @pontifex_es (Spanish), @pontifex_it (Italian), @pontifex_pt (Portuguese), @pontifex_de (German), @pontifex_pl (Polish) and pontifex_ar (Arabic).

The pope’s English Twitter account already had about 450,000 followers before he’d even sent his first tweet.

The royal fetus is on Twitter, too!

Engagement Portrait. Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office via Getty ImagesWell, if the pope being on Twitter wasn’t monumental enough, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s fetus is on Twitter, as well. Of course, it’s an anonymous parody account (there are several of them), but the one I like the most is @RoyalFoetus. The tweets are amusing and about as pompous as you can get — everything you’d expect from royal offspring!

Sample tweets include: 1) Attention peasants: If you can rise from your dullard’s slumber for just a moment, one could do with a goblet of amniotic fluid; 2) In 9 months’ time, all one asks is that you swallow your wonderment and avert your gaze; 3) Prince Philip just came to visit. Maintaining dignified silence during racial slurs.

Top 10 Facebook pages

FacebookAs of Dec. 4, the top 10 Facebook pages based on the number of “likes” are: 1) Facebook for Every Phone (168,910,723 likes); 2) Facebook (82,034,748); 3) Texas Holdem Poker (the former longtime most popular page on Facebook) (66,989,827); 4) YouTube (66,143,329); 5) Rihana (63,358,486; 6) Eminem (63,277,502); 7) The Simpsons (57,218,682); 8) Shakira (57,197,570); 9) Coca-Cola (Coke) (55,827,671); and 10) Lady Gaga (54,062,120).

Top 10 Twitter accounts

TwitterAs of Dec. 4, the top 10 Twitter accounts based on followers are 1) Lady Gaga (@ladygaga: 31,812,961 followers); 2) Justin Bieber (@justinbieber: 31,032,919; 3) Katy Perry (@katyperry: 29,690,422); 4) Rihanna (@rihanna: 27,059,557); 5) Barack Obama (@BarackObama: 24,119,105); 6) Britney Spears (@britneyspears: 22,283,020); 7) Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13: 21,475,060); 8) YouTube (@YouTube: 20,321,894); 9) Shakira (@shakira: 18,872,513); 10) Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian: 16,775,429).

Facebook hoax reminder

If you see someone on Facebook sharing a link or application purporting to enable you to see who’s been checking out your timeline, it’s all a scam. Don’t “like” or give these applications access to your profile. Also, if they ask you to fill out a survey, don’t do it. All you’re doing is getting tricked into filling out a survey so that someone else can get paid. All you’re doing is wasting your time.

As Christmas approaches, the Costco gift card scam will surely resurface again. Don’t fall for this. Costco is not giving a free gift card to “everyone on Facebook.” Just the ridiculousness of providing free gift cards to one billion users should make you think twice. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it’s likely fake. Another common hoax that will likely pop up this holiday season to tear at your heartstrings is that liking a photo of a sick child will cause Facebook to donate money for life-saving treatment. Not true — and the photos are either outdated, stolen or fake.

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This week’s featured YouTube channels

Every week, I feature YouTube channels for you to check out. Statistics are current to Dec. 4. Have a favourite YouTube channel? Let me know and I may feature it here.

1) Freaky the Scary Snowman (209,156 subscribers): This YouTube channel features a variety of evil snowmen (actually actors dressed up in snowman costumes) who stand around in public places and scare innocent passersby. Yup, these are Frosty the Snowman’s evil doubles! Apparently, many people like seeing innocent bystanders being petrified by a scary snowman because the channel has a total of more than 47 million views! (Most popular video: Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 1 – 7,995,537 views.) (Warning: Some strong language.)

2) XmasFLIX (2,085 subscribers): I’ve featured this channel before during the holiday season and can’t believe it only has a couple of thousand subscribers. The content is really good — lots of holiday-related gems and hard-to-find videos. Commercials, retro cartoons, oddities, politically incorrect (by today’s standards) videos that don’t seem terribly Christmassy in today’s context — it’s all there. The channel has a cumulative view count of 2.9 million. (Most popular video: Grampy: Christmas Comes But Once A Year (1936) Max Fleischer Production – 146,869 views.)

3) CrazyToonWorld (6,076 subscribers): This channel hasn’t been updated in a more than a year, but it’s chock full of great retro animated content — so much so that it’s accumulated nearly 9.5 million total video views! The channel’s description reads: “Hours of classic animation! Here’s a great collection of classic cartoons. A laugh a minute featuring all-time favorite characters and fun-filled antics from the golden age of animation.” There are lots of hard-to-find gems here, including Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, Popeye and Little Lulu. (Most popular video: Santa’s Surprise – 1,546,747 views.)

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