Encorp Atlantic looking forward to positive operational and efficiency changes to N.B.’s Beverage Containers Program

Encorp meeting - Aug 5 2015
Officials from Encorp Atlantic, G.M. Rioux Transport and the Eastern Recylers Association met this week to work out details surrounding the new sorting and processing requirements for the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program which will come into effect on October 5. In the photo, from left to right: Pierre Landry, General Manager, Encorp Atlantic; Colette Boucher, Controller, Encorp Atlantic; Bruce Rodgers, Executive Director, Eastern Recyclers Association; Mélanie Desjardins, Vice-President, G.M. Rioux Transport; Réjean Rioux, President, G.M. Rioux Transport; and Robert Cole, President, Eastern Recyclers Association.

Encorp Atlantic logoOn April 8, Encorp Atlantic Inc. announced that it had awarded a contract valued at more than $9 million over five years to G.M. Rioux Transport of Grand Falls for the collection, transportation and processing of refund-bearing non-alcoholic beverage containers in New Brunswick. Since then, Encorp officials and Rioux have been hard at work preparing for the transition to the new service provider. NovaPet of Amherst, Nova Scotia, was chosen as the successful bidder for the purchase of all of Encorp’s co-mingled plastics materials.

“Encorp is pleased with the cost savings in transportation, processing and material markets from the innovations put forward during the request for proposal (RFP) process we went through earlier this year,” says Pierre Landry, General Manager of Encorp Atlantic.

“The difference in proponents’ pricing for sort-reduction efficiencies and the same services over the duration of the five-year contract was well over 25 per cent for the collection, processing and materials market, which is quite significant,” he said. “Furthermore, Encorp was able to secure stable markets for all co-mingled plastics in Atlantic Canada. Previously, these materials were recycled in Quebec. The reason for the significant difference in overall proponent pricing for the upcoming contract period is that we are now selling them directly to market. Clearly, the RFP process worked as it should.”

In December 2014, Encorp issued RFPs for collection and transportation, processing, as well as materials management services and subsequently received a number of submissions. For the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program, the new contracts mean:
• new trucks
• new technology
• fewer sorts for redemption centres
• more funds to New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund

“Our agreement with G.M. Rioux Transport has been signed. This new contract allows us to implement further efficiencies into our recycling process,” Mr. Landry said. “As well, reduced sorting requirements is wonderful news for the province’s redemption centre operators. This was only achievable because of our RFP process and the successful bids by G.M. Rioux and NovaPet.”

G.M. Rioux is scheduled to take over as Encorp’s service provider for the collection, transportation and partial processing of its non-alcoholic beverage containers on October 5. “We’re really looking forward to the new technology they will be bringing into the province and the efficiencies which will result from it,” Mr. Landry said.

Encorp Atlantic Inc. was founded in 1992 as the non-alcoholic beverage distribution industry’s response to the Government of New Brunswick’s Beverage Containers Act, which saw a beverage container deposit/redemption program established in New Brunswick. Every year, Encorp Atlantic manages more than 160 million post-consumer non-alcoholic beverage containers in the province. Since 1992, more than 3.2 billion deposit-bearing non-alcoholic beverage containers have been kept out of provincial landfills, and more than $110 million has been provided to the Government of New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund.

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