TransAqua announces engineering and construction contract awards

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TransAqua – the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission – has awarded three engineering contracts to companies located in Greater Moncton valued at $223,451. The contract are part of TransAqua’s long-term strategic capital plan to improve wastewater transmission and treatment for the communities of Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.

TransAqua Chair Winston Pearce says the contracts are a good start on moving forward with its long-term capital construction goals. “We are committed to working with Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe on improving the communities’ wastewater and sewer infrastructure. We are very happy that these projects can be carried out by companies located in Greater Moncton.”

Stantec Engineering of Moncton has been awarded a $34,500 contract to complete the preliminary design of a sewer forcemain on Bourque Road and a pumping station at Melanson Road in Dieppe for re-directing existing and projected long term-flows of the Melanson drainage basin to a newly constructed Babineau Creek trunk sewer. It is estimated that this project will prevent the necessity of a costly upgrade of the Commission’s collector sewer pipeline along the Petitcodiac River in Dieppe.

Crandall Engineering of Moncton has been awarded an $89,152 contract for the design, contract management and construction supervision of work to replace part of the existing collector sewer system in the Jonathan Creek area of Moncton as part of the work by the City of Moncton and CN Rail to reduce flooding in the Jonathan Creek and Jones Lake areas. TransAqua needs to relocate a section of its pipeline to facilitate the City of Moncton’s recently announced project. Construction is expected to take place in early 2016.

ADM Systems Engineering Limited of Dieppe has been awarded a $99,799 contract for the design, supply and implementation of components for the TransAqua’s ongoing SCADA (supervisor control and data acquisition) system upgrades. The upgrades, which began in 2014, involve modernizing software, data management and operator workstations. This contract is for the 2015 phase of hardware replacement. This will allow TransAqua to seamlessly integrate new wastewater treatment equipment into its existing computer control systems, as part of its long-term project to upgrade the existing plant from primary to secondary wastewater treatment by 2020, as mandated by the federal government.

About TransAqua

TransAqua, the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission ( was established in 1983 to support the wastewater collection and treatment needs of the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview tri-community. Since then, it has developed a 31-kilometre collection network and a treatment facility to best deliver on this mandate. It has also become a leader in the reuse of bio-solids through the generation of type ‘AA’ compost (the highest grade currently achieved in Canada) as opposed to disposal in a landfill site. The organization is now positioning itself to further upgrade its facilities to provide an enhanced secondary treatment approach that will allow it to meet recently introduced mandatory federal regulations prior to the 2020 deadline.

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