The May 27 – June 2, 2019, edition of Brian Cormier’s Weekly Update is out!

Click here for this week’s newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out the form in the upper right-hand corner of my website. In this week’s edition:
– Sesame Street introduces “foster monster” character
– CBC Radio’s Under the Influence: Great brands and vulgarity in marketing
– Kidnapping hoaxes via telephone are now a thing
– Oops! New product has unfortunate translation
– Experiment: Canadians will no longer see the number of likes on their Instagram posts… for now
– IHOP’s bizarre Mother’s Day social media post irks some
– Who knew? Whistling with your fingers could save your life
– Creative employment and housing: Become a full-time cat sitter
– Vintage design: New Coca-Cola product comes in original bottles
– Stop being busy 24/7: The case for doing nothing
– 1990s beast of a car makes a comeback in popularity among auto enthusiasts who once hated it
– Summer newsletter schedule
– Next Rotary Trivia Night: Monday, June 10
– Dieppe condo for sale
– Book giveaway: Take off to Tantramar (English and French versions)
… and quotes of the week, photo of the week, trivia, links to interesting articles and more!

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