The Oct. 21-27, 2019, edition of Brian Cormier’s Weekly Update is out!

Click here for this week’s newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out the form in the upper right-hand corner of my website. In this week’s edition:
– Now we know why Karli the Muppet on Sesame Street is in foster care: Her mother is dealing with addiction issues
– Monday, Oct. 21, is Election Day in Canada!
– Scary! Sophisticated stalker used pupil image reflections
– If you see someone carrying a blue Halloween bucket this year, it means they’re autistic
– Do yourself a favour and build a strong network
– Another new Barbie: Judge Barbie!
– Congratulations to Rotary draw winners!
– Those new whisky cocktail capsules are driving purists nuts… but are they actually good?
– Rotary Trivia Night: Monday, Oct. 28
– Halloween is coming!
… and quotes of the week, photo of the week, trivia, links to interesting articles and more!

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