The May 3-9, 2021, edition of Brian Cormier’s Weekly Update is out!

Click here for this week’s newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out the form in the upper right-hand corner of my website. In this week’s edition:
• Jeopardy contestant did hand sign for “white power” but apparently didn’t know that’s what it was
• Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9
• CBC Radio’s Under the Influence: The power of nostalgia
• Argentinian man managed to snag Google domain for about $3.50
• The new stock market? Sneakers fetch $1.8 million in private sale!
• Want to sleep better? Listen to calm music before going to bed.
• Delivery drivers have very dangerous jobs these days
• Fires, earthquakes: Gender reveal parties are getting out of hand
… and quotes of the week, trivia, links to interesting articles and more!

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