The March 21-27, 2022, edition of Brian Cormier’s Weekly Update is out!

Click here for this week’s newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out the form on my website. In this week’s edition:
• McDonald’s leaves Russia but faces a copycat replacement. Meanwhile, Burger King and Papa John’s battle rogue franchisees.
• CBC Radio’s Under the Influence looks at reverse psychology in advertising
• Pauline Thornhill retires as host of CBC’s Land & Sea
• Finally! It looks like time’s up for standard time!
• Self-appointed fashion expert criticizes Ukrainian president for dressing too informally
• You can’t sell products featuring photos under copyright – even if the photo is of you!
• Easter is on its way!
• Hospice SENB seeks executive director
• Donations for Ukraine
… and quotes of the week, trivia, links to interesting articles and more!

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